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Michael Horstmann - "Mike"

For help please get in touch

Abroad: +49 30 530 66866
Inside Berlin:     530 66866

Office hours 8 am - 8 pm
or anytime via email

Berlin SightRunning as you wish - the choice is yours

Private Tours - Personal SightRunning

  cost per tour
60 min 90 min
4 € 80 € 100
3 € 75 € 95
2 € 70 € 90
1 € 60 € 80
5 or more please ask for group rates

Would you like to decide for yourself the meeting place, start time and tour duration, then book a Personal SightRunning tour for yourself or your group.

Explore the city from 6 am until midnight.

If you want to be picked up from your hotel, use the pick up service.

You may choose one of our prepared tours, which will be tailored to your needs.

If you book several runs over the course of 7 days, we provide a package price.

Group Tours - Join a SightRunning Group

Would you like to join as an individual or as a couple with others to explore Berlin on the run? Sign up for one of these tours:

SightRunning Meet-Up - all year

Price p. p.
60 min tour
3 - 6 € 32
  € 24
with Berlin
Welcome Card

Scheduled tours. You should expect to run at a pace of 8 km/h resp. 5 mph. Short breaks are provided for photos and information-stops.


  • A tour takes place with at least 3 participants
  • You'll be notified 24 hours prior to the tour start
  • Therefore please sign-up as early as possible

As a safe alternative, you may book a private tour (s. a.).

Tour: Sights of the Berlin Cathedral Tour

  • Saturday morning - all year
  • Friday evening - in the summer

Start: "Starbucks Coffee" at the Brandenburg Gate

Light-SightRunning - Event Tour during the Lichter-Festival

Price p. p.
90 min tour
up to 20 € 15
  safe € 5 with
early sign-up

Scheduled tours during the Lichter-Festival. Expect to run at slow pace with plenty of photo stops in the historic part of Berlin - excellent for first time Berlin visitors.


Tours are limited, early sign-up is recommended

Private Light-SightRunning Tours are available on request.

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