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Sightseeing as a runner - impressions from running events and more - always part of it

27. Sept. 2015

Happy finisher

42. BMW Berlin Marathon 2015

Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya ran on Sunday world leading time of 2:04:00 for the 42,195 km marathon distance. For the ladies Gladys Cherono, from Kenya as well, broke the 2:20 barrier with 2:19:25 hours, the fastest woman’s time of the year. A grand total of 41,224 runners had registered for this world marathon major (Source: SCC EVENTS GmbH).

A stunning race with the BMW's sports ambassador Uta Pippig, the first woman to officially win the Boston Marathon three consecutive times. We took photos while in the race - here the best 100

29. Sept. 2013

Award of the medal for the Berlin Marathon

40. BMW Berlin Marathon 2013

New world record in marathon in Berlin. 36.544 runners finished the anniversary race. (Source: SCC EVENTS GmbH). Wilson Kipsang from Kenya ran on Sunday in 2:03:23 hours new best time for the 42,195 km marathon distance. For the ladies Florence Kiplagat, also from Kenya, won in 2:21:13 hours after 2011 the Berlin Marathon the second time.

We participated in the race. Again, it was a fantastic experience, including the meet-up with Haile Gebrselassie at the start for signing the bib. See the best 100: photos taken on the race

30. Sept. 2012

Photo series of the 38. BMW Berlin Marathon

39. BMW Berlin Marathon 2012

First best 230 photos ... Photo impressions of the run

25. Sept. 2011

Photo series of the 38. BMW Berlin Marathon

38. BMW Berlin Marathon 2011

Face to face photos of Berlin's governing mayor Klaus Wowereit and ex-box world champion Henry Maske shortly after the starting signal for the 38. Berlin Marathon, photographs taken as a runner - one under 34.000 starters - and finishing line snapshots of the previous year winner and new world record owner Patrick Makau. With a fantastic world record time of 2:03:38 hours he dethroned the past world record holder Haile Gebrselassie. With the women the Kenyan halbmarathon world champion Florence Kiplagat won her marathon debut in 2:19:44 (source: SCC Events GmbH). Photo impressions of the run

20. Sept. 2009

Berlin Marathon 2009 images - Photo Gallery

36th real,- Berlin Marathon 2009

Always prepared with a small digital camera - photos taken "on the run". See the world record holder Haile Gebrselassie at the starting and finishing line, the second and third placed runners, the governing mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit and Germany's national soccer team coach Joachim Loew giving the start shots and last but not least impressions of the thrilled spectators along the second 21km.

Enjoy 110 marathon images taken from a sight runners perspective.

14. - 26. Oct. 2008

Quadriga illuminiert Foto-Galerie 2008

Light-SightRunning of the Berlin Lights Festival 2008

Photo impressions of the Berlin Lights Festival 2008. The gallery contains 87 photos in best quality.

Most of the pictures received a special treatment, some are the result of the integration of HDR-based technology (with 2 to 8 photos). The name of the very talented photographer is Martin Kuras.

12. Oct. 2008

ASICS Grand 10 Berlin 2008 Photo-Gallery

ASICS Grand 10 Berlin 2008

75 photos of the ASICS Grand 10 premiere. Runners, 2 × 5 km relay teams and company teams started on a Sunday at the Charlottenburg Castle. The 10 km course lead through West-Berlin and - as a special highlight - the Berlin Zoo. Team Mike's SightRunning was there.

28. Sept. 2008

Berlin Marathon 2008 photo gallery

35th real,- Berlin Marathon 2008

Impressions of the marathon taken with a small digital camera. The photos show the atmosphere along the start area, i. e. the preparation of the pacemaker, a few snapshots of Haile Gebrselassie in front of the tent of the VIP athletes Others tell about the fast Berlin Marathon course taken shortly after the Brandenburg Gate and a few meters in front of the finish line. With some impressions of the cool down area near the Reichstag building this photo documentation finds its end.

More then 200 pictures and videos were taken, most of them "on the run". See the best 90 photos in this collection.

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